well i am 5 – 100 days to new you


A while back I wrote about how a “fitness wave” hit Johannesburg and the other big cities.  However, 2015 I saw how this was not just limited to the said big cities, with more and more South Africans taking greater strides and invested in their health, holistically. 

The evidence lies in the number of Instagram Continue reading

and the winner is…

Working in a news room means the world is never far off, having to confront the inescapable global and local events on a daily basis. Yet even so, as reporters we almost have a second degree experience of what is going on out there, making us sheltered to some extent.

However, this is certainly not Continue reading

opening the door to second chances

Second chance.

It’s a deed we hope we could all be paid by fellow humans. Especially from the ones we care about the most. And, equally, a courtesy our employers will never withhold. At least we hope.

It’s a trait synonymous with sport. A chance to score an equalising goal. A try on the rugby Continue reading

ease back… with prolific interviews


I have never been a ‘half measures’ type of person. This is not always a good thing, as this propensity sometimes manifests itself in a number of ways.

But in my experience (and I guess, depending on the side of the scale you’re on), this trait has proved more as an advantage than fault.

The Continue reading

i really don’t like seconds


look mom, I’m a poster kid

Let be honest. No one likes losing.

No one’s ego is superficial enough to accept defeat without reservation. I suspect Mother Teresa didn’t like things not going her way… and so the concept ‘good loser’ was invented by a loser with a big beard who had never had a bad day in his jolly life. Continue reading

matfield and co. end sharks reign

Those who play SuperBru will testify that players rarely pick with their head when it comes to their chosen team, more often than not their heart dictates their choices. Having been playing for a good four years, I can count with 7 (at most) fingers how many times my vote has gone against the Bulls – (New Zealand tours are usually uncooperative). Continue reading

glimmer of hope for bulls

It seems to be a recurring theme; every year the first few weeks of Super Rugby rarely ever make for a comforting playoffs outlook for South African conferences, particularly for the Bulls, however Round Four, as with one previous may just dispel this curse.

JLP -Bulls
Flyhalf Jacques-Louis Potgieter scored 21 points as the Pretoria outfit ran out 38-22 winners over the Auckland Blues on Saturday. Continue reading

rugby more exciting with #VodacomRugbyStats

One of the most exciting things about sport is the stats analysis of a game. As sport fans we like to look at our teams’ (and individual) performances from all possible aspects. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get the information, and when we do get it, it’s usually not when we need it!
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