KP tweet…twit

Kevin Pietersen brought the entire world to a stand still with a four letter word, displaying his gloominess over being axed from England’s limited-overs squad to face Pakistan.

In the process managed to accomplish what (not even) the death of a Tour de France champ Laurent Fignon couldn’t; removed Pakistan’s match fixing scandal from many sporting fans’ lips (if only for a few hours)

Eish Boet

Pakistan Cricket has been a worldwide trending topic since Bees Roux found himself facing a murder charge and fellow Bulls- Victor Matfield – became the first South African to claim a 100th test victory.

The news reached my distressed ears at 2:46 am, while hitting the club scene in Polokwane.

My team and I were celebrating our 2010 VSA Cup Silver with a fellow Jozi team (Quantum), who won the Gold in the men category, affirming once again that ‘Nothing Good Happens after 2AM’.

As I read the tweets, I firmly believed the Rhapsody barman had spiked my drink (this couldn’t be!). Just as convinced, was the company I kept – while showcasing why many have claimed BlackBerry users do not know how to part with their phones.

Only to have Sky News, Guardian Sport (etc) attest to the fact I had nothing to fear from the staff and coach’s tequila had not gone to my head, but Hansie’ name would be uttered once more.

Back to impulsive kevinpp24 (his twitter name). His tweet was there and gone faster than Bolt’ stride, but unfortunately the ‘retweet’ function, for the world’s renowned like the SA born cricketer, has proven lethal (if only KP’s kid was old enough to know who Justin Bieber is, he would’ve warned dad).

And like the sprinter his tweet grabbed ‘front-pages’ with more no balls than a Pakistan bowler as he confirmed:

“Done for rest of summer!! Man of the World Cup T20 and dropped from the T20 side too.. Its a f**k up!!

It’s not his exclusion from the team, than his foul-mouthed tirade to the news that, according to Neal Collins “will send shock waves reverberating through the England dressing room”

The news became an early Christmas present for a few South Africans. These included a lunch show DJ from one of SA’s popular radio station, who, if it were not for the co-host’s purposeful-distractions would’ve shared (to millions) his bed of roses over KP’s blues.

It’s no secret there is no love lost between the batsman and many South Africans, so one can be forgiven for assuming he will not be looking at his Motherland for comfort.

Although maybe he should; for his woes will only accumulate, not only is the English Cricket Board having a field day with ‘irresponsible’ twitter use, but rumour has it no county will touch the right-hander (his Surrey move is only a temp loan).

So much for ‘Proud English Cricketer’.


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