road less travelled

When I started this page I had no subject or theme in mind, I simply needed to put some thoughts and ideas onto paper, and since we don’t have dinosaurs in our backyards, why not use the web? Besides, I (always) thought – everyone is doing it?

My blog was not intended to be another ‘sport opinion page’, (despite my love for the game); this was meant to be my space to vent, share laughs, cries, and cause a couple of upsets (HA!).

Then the first post ‘happened’: in came John Smit debacle, KP’s loose tongue (should that read fingers?) Steven Pienaar, Cricket got my balls (and I don’t even have any) boiling, and, and, and; the direction of ‘in(TRACK)suit’ was stirred, a much greater force was at work.

I didn’t want to blog this week, about anything, let alone sport.

To say I have nothing to say would be calling for a Catholic confession (only I have no clue where you find a priest in these parts). Gutted will not be the adjective for description. Reason – Liverpool and Blue Bulls. Subject closed.

Anyway, as I am blogging now, it might as well be about something.  I thought about sharing different glimpses into my life – the splendor of finally finishing studies, no more classes! (Hallelujah!)

No more listening to a bunch of middle-aged creatures, who either read MY textbook TO me, or forget to leave their problem outside my classroom. (Yes! I am done.)

Another idea was the end of our volleyball season (I have been told by fellow volleyball enthusiasts that my page needs to feature this discipline more. A case that is regarded quite sad considering I play the sport and we ended the year in fourth place – our highest ranking since forever).

Then there’s ‘Memoirs of a PR intern’…..

But then I remembered where I’m spending my December holidays.

You see, I am passionate about two things: God and Sport (I confuse the order sometimes) – so will let this blog be about ‘combined passion’. This passion will take me, together with a group of young athletes to the fair beaches of the Western Cape.

From the 6th – 21st December, we are off to Plettenberg Bay on mission (yes, that type of mission). Under the banner of ‘Athletes in Action’, we will be using the medium of sport to tell anyone who will listen about Jesus. Yeah they’ll label us, call us all sorts – even “Jesus Freaks” and all, but it’ll be so epic, hell will boil!

AIA believes there’s one language that sees no cultural barriers, a language understood equally and entirely throughout the universe: the language of sport. Our main codes will be Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Touch Rugby and the Ultimate Frisbee.

Each year a number of boys and girls from different sporting disciplines come together.  Individuals with high/low esteem issues, a bunch of youngsters from different backgrounds, different personalities (that are bound to clash).

Each year we come together – this year 21 male egos meets 12 oestrogen cases and will embark on the journey of their lives. An adventure of a lifetime. For some it will be their first and last; others will see the picturesque Plett pastures once more.

33 wanna-be athletes (who do not necessary like each other) with one common goal: living out Matt 28:19-20, Tell The World (that He lives. He loves. And He’s waiting).

So if you are in Plett around the same time – come say hi – let’s play some Volleyball, or Rugby and if you like, we will introduce you to the Lifeguard that walks on water. Hey, you never know when you might need a little saving.


10 thoughts on “road less travelled

  1. I always wanted a pet dinosaur… but I guess the web will have to do. I love how your combined passion has been channeled into something beautiful – sport or God. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I’m not gonna comment on your writing cause you know what I think… But let me comment on the content…

    I love what you are doing and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “We don’t waste no precious time…. making up for teenage crime”
    sorry, the song was playing when I posted this and i was in no position to sing along so I blog-sang it. haha. keep up the good work sister kate, I’m proud and really glad you were able to find a way to join both these passions. I feel inspired. haha

  4. Goodness me this is great! u’ve got a way with words…cool blog darl n I can’t wait 4 more posts

  5. Kate you are getting so good at this blogging thing, but I’m not here to comment on that.
    A really cool blog, I actually can’t believe how amazing this opportunity is! Thanks for the inspiration and opening my eyes once again to what we’re doing and why we’re doing this thing that we love so much!
    Hope to see you soon my friend! All the best with everything you’re doing.
    Much Love

  6. Read it.. nicely worded and i like the idea of Athletes in Action.

    Good Blog overall…. and once more congrats on ur studies and i guess Mission accomplished!!


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