Jesus. the tattoo

I have wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. I’ve always known I wanted something that’s ‘relevant’; one that, when it’s no longer a ‘tiger’ in my 20’s, but a ‘giraffe’ in my 60’s, will still bring me joy. When I turned 18 many thought I’ll go under the needle, but all I wanted was a beer.

No really – I couldn’t care less about piercings or tattoos (at least not that day anyway) just pass me that darn beer!

My infatuation with the malted grain didn’t last more than a month. Whether it is Irish, South African, German, etc, beer just has an acquired taste that was not designed for this palette.

I get bored very easily, so with the beer season gone, I needed something else to take up my time. After an amount of piercings (belly, top ear – what do you call that part?, tongue, neck), the tattoo bug struck again.

A much younger Kate wanted the words Jesus Freak – in Hebrew – engraved on her lower back. A huge risk considering I don’t know any Hebrew, or know of anyone who does (do not trust Google for such things), nevertheless, I convinced a friend to practice his designing skills for my tatt; met up with an artist, made an appointment and everything, but still do not have any ink on me. That was five years ago.

How Small We Truly Are

Fast forward five years later….I have just returned from a Beach Mission trip in Plettenberg Bay. Where under the ‘Athletes in Action’ banner, a bunch of amateur athletes and I, united by two things; our love for sport and God spent two weeks, using the medium of sport (volleyball, touch rugby and soccer) telling anyone who would listen about our Heavenly Father.

Some days were awesome – with more people showing up than ever before, on our first day the number was greater than last year’s busiest day – the sun smiling down our backs. And there were times I wanted to pack my belongings and hitch-hike home.

It’s not easy being confined in a small space with 20 egos and 12 estrogen cases for two weeks. Not to mention the three days it rained non-stop! Yet, throughout, God was always in control.

We saw His greatness from day one, you’ll remember from my last post we were way in over our heads. In my down-time I only needed to look at a mate’s arm, where the words ‘In Christ Alone’ are permanently stapled, and remember why I was there, and who is the Boss of the mission trip, and the ruler outside this confined arena.

Going onto the mission trip my boss and I had decided to part ways. We’ve both decided it was best for the company and for me to not renew my contract in 2011.

You see; my passion lies elsewhere and thank God for her and Sabio Communications for providing an environment of growth and opportunity to get my internship hours completed and in essence enabling me to graduate. And honestly, I owe a great deal of thanks to God for her, for kicking me outta of my comfort zone.

This means I’ll hang my PR pen come January 31. With that I wave goodbye to the security ushered by an income end of every month and the opportunity to grow in this incredible industry; instead I will be embarking on a journey that calls for a tattooed heart.

You see, when it’s all said and done: I have nothing. I own nothing. I’m owed nothing. But by the grace of the most High, I have a dream. One that has brewed throughout the years and has finally decided to shut up no more.

One that the Dream Giver has placed at the core of this heart and is now taking a stand. How can I possible refute that? Oh the thought certainly has cross my mind, but “greater sorrow knows no man than he that defies hearts cry”

Will I sail on this road? – Hell no! Will I stumble and fall? – Possibly. But crush and burn I will not! For it is time to live-out my Jeremiah 29:11.

Excuse me; I have an appointment with a Tattoo Artist.


8 thoughts on “Jesus. the tattoo

  1. Best line: My infatuation with the malted grain didn’t last more than a month.

    Incredible road you’re walking 🙂 love your “full steam ahead” stance.

  2. I will add; not many people seem to have liked you E.L Days…. Apparently u wer the black sheep on trips to Kaysers. Lol. Classic.
    I always enjoy your writing sister kate, you have an inexplicable way of drawing one into your world with words and just the right balance of humour and seriousness. Needless to say; We’ve all probably thought of getting tatoos and i’ll be honest, mine more for self-gratification than the glory of god. I’m glad you’re considering it now as opposed to 5 years ago as you are probably going to see it differently and it’ll mean more – to you and to us. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    P.s: Mark and Tam had tatts last time i saw them – not sure if they were permanent but i know they were deeply connected to God. (think it was Jesus in Hebrew or something like that. So maybe the boss and the 1st lady are relevant people to consult)
    Much love.

    • I wont even ask where you got that ‘black sheep’ story from. Lets just say I’ve faced a demon or two along the way.

      yeah they do – well I knew Mark did, and it’s in Hebrew.

  3. Am I reading this wrong… are you going to dump public relations to become a missionary? Incredible. You certainly know how to pour your heart out in words!

  4. *reads again* very well written and on point! Good luck with ur endeavours pity PR no more 😦

  5. kate, this is awesome.
    why did we not hang out more in EL days? you’re like a legend.

    so what tattoo are u getting?
    wow, that whole stepping out in faith thing… so inspiring. truly it is.

    hey there is this book called: “a town called potential” Jack Vandermere.
    try and get it. it always inspires me.
    it talks against comfort zones, stability and security.
    read it, you’ll see what i mean 🙂

    • You didn’t like me much in EL. He he.

      Thanks Hoff, I’m excited. Faye’s on board – so cool to have someone going onto this road with me.

      I’m getting ‘Christ. Forever Reigns’ on my rib cage.
      I’ll look the book up.

      You’re not too bad yourself.

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