my liverpool by derek martin

I was simply trying to convince him to start a blog. He told me to first read his Liverpool season summary. I told him not only will I read it, but will post here if I like it. Boys and girls a fellow LFC lover making his blogging debut, closing off the 2010/2011 season in the life of the Reds.

After a pretty dismal end to the 2009/2010 season, hopes were high for the next season, I mean a new coach and all – Roy Hodgson – we were at least expecting a bright start, which we did receive in qualifying for the Europa League by beating Trabzanspor, however we exited the competition nearly as quickly as we entered it. It was very disappointing indeed.

After a very disappointing start to the league, Hodgson losing his mind, Injuries to key players, no depth as well as owner politics our season was really heading only one way, to the bottom of the log, and that is exactly where we were sitting- the first time I have ever seen Liverpool in the relegation zone –ever!
My mind set for the season changed from qualifying for the UEFA Champions league to staying in the Premier League, big mind set change to adopt. After watching Liverpool struggle game in and game out, lots of losses, a few draws and an odd win I was feeling really demotivated, then the changes started rolling in.
Firstly Torres left us and to be honest, I think it was the best thing that happened to the team the whole season – besides King Kenny of course – and due to the Torres movement the average goals increased from 1.6 goals a game to 2.5 goals a game- some say Torres was the broken leg in the team as his negative attitude affected the squad attitude.

With the dismissal of Torres we saw the departure of the not so many points scoring Coach Hodgson, not really a surprise based on his track record (7 wins, 4 draws & 9 Losses) and after plummeting Liverpool to a 57 year low the only way for him was the way out.

No Coach, mid table and hoping for the best we continued to push on based on the rumour that Kenny Dalglish will be coming to be our temporary coach for the remainder of the season, and yes, it became official that King Kenny will coach us- this was the emotional, positive mind switch that Liverpool Football Club needed, a great Legend to turn us around, and man did he do that.

With not much else to do but pick up pieces King Kenny started looking into the base of players on hand as well as a new buy, our super striker Suarez- even scoring a gaol on debut- equalling Torres season tally.
King Kenny looked into the depth of our squad as choices were limited and brought back players such as Maxi (Scoring two hat- ricks in 3 games) as well as some of our younger players, Robinson and Flanagan, with an average age of only 17 and a half years old. All in all a good end of the season managing to push us up to 6th position when everybody thought we were done and dusted.

King Kenny turning the Liverpool season around by great squad rotation as well as the introduction of our youth and they played well. This resulted in King Kenny scoring 30 points (9 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses) in the second half of the season, the most by any coach ever in the premier league, great start!
Yes it must be admitted that Liverpool still has got a lot of work to do, we do not expect to win the league next season but we would like to challenge and at the least qualify for the UEFA Champions League again. The owners have given us a decent budget to work with and with the combination of experience and youth I am expecting a great 2011/2012 season!

Highlights of the Season:
• Qualifying for the Europa League Cup – even though it was short lived.
• Beating Chelsea 1-0 at their own home ground
• Signing Kenny Dalglish as our coach.
• Smashing Manchester United 3-1
• Dirk Kuyt scoring an amazing hat-trick in that game.
• Having a winning streak and seeing 13 goals scored in 3 games.
• Signing of Suarez.
• Exit of Fernando Torres & Roy Hodgson

Season Let Downs:

• Exiting the Europa League Cup due to a 0-0 draw with Braga.
• Steven Gerrard injury which cost him most of the season.
• Losing to Spurs costing us 5th place- even though we were lucky to be there!

Player of the Season in my opinion:

Pepe Reina- always a great team ambassador, always on form and defiantly saved Liverpool from many more losses with his amazing saves.

Worst Players of the Season in my opinion:
Fernando Torres- suffering from a really poor World Cup in South Africa, he stayed in that dip and certainly cost Liverpool a few points due to his lack of ball control and finishing.
Glen Johnson- even though his season was injury ridden, when he did play he played really poorly, since King Kenny has arrived he has improved, defiantly need to watch this space next season.

Most Consistent Players of the season in my opinion:

Martin Skytrel – after playing with a concussion in the first match against Arsenal, he proved tough to deal with in the defence and played nearly every game of the season, he is fit and strong and will shine again and again.
Dirk Kuyt- do I need to say more, the name says everything, a great Liverpool ambassador as well as a fantastic player. His work horse approach to the game always results in assists and goals- including that amazing hat-trick against Manchester United.
Lucas Leiva – His consistency and self –improvement this season gave him the Standard Chartered Player of the season, and it was well deserved, he had a great season and is defiantly going to play a big role in Liverpool’s campaign next season.

Players to watch next season:

Raul Merieles – Just started finding form, has fully accepted the Liverpool Family Spirit and has scored important goals in important matched.
Maxi Rodriguez – I mean he has scored two hat-tricks in three games and we cannot ignore this.
Louis Suarez- I think the flood gates might be opening for him soon and yes, goals will be flowing.
Andy Carroll- If he finds form, the Suarez and Carroll party will start, the short and tall combination could prove deadly and make our next season great!

To some this season up in one word I would have to say Grateful, we are grateful to achieve what we have achieved and are hopeful for next season, let’s hope King Kenny uses our transfer budget effectively and gets the great name of Liverpool back on the map again.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Derek Martin is a Marketing and Electronic Distribution Analyst for the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Portfolio Extrabold

Follow him on Twitter: @derekm11


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