fine. you can stay

A Month ago Fraser McHenry of Garmin entrusted me with one of my current favourite toys. I have never had an addictive personality, so this statement may not ring true in a couple of Months time. Anyway, after purchasing my first car McHenry put in my capable (well…) hands a nuvi 1310 device worth just over R7.000!

I stayed with a friend’s mom for half a year and I am yet to meet anyone who knows maps better that she does. Maps are just one of the few things I had interest in for like half-a-second and I suggested we asked the first person we see where to go. What did I tell you – no addiction this side.

Much as I tried to gasp everything Carol tried to tell me about maps, I knew it was not something I’ll use once I’ve exited her doors. I was right. I knew once I got my own wheels, one of the few things I’ll deem ‘necessities’ will be a GPS. Imagine my delight when Garmin came to my rescue.

I am that girl who never wins ANYTHING. Each year I say I’m done with competitions and yet, if there’s a scratch card to be..well scratched I’ll do it (provided I don’t pay for it. Maybe that’s why I never win). 5FM says SMS this and win this, no need to ask me twice. You think of a competition, chances I’ve entered it (no, not Lotto though) but to this day I can count with two fingers how many times I’ve won.

This is why Garmin’s call felt like winning my very own Lotto. When they told me they are interested in having me test one of their gadgets, it didn’t take any convincing.

After driving through a strange area in Fourways I got Daniel. Truth be told, my first thought was ‘how much did you say the retail price is again?’. Simply because from looking at it I would never imagine why anyone would pay close to R10 000 for an electronic map, when Aunty Carol is just down the road.

However, after a Month chilling with Daniel I’ve realized why people put so much trust into these things. You see I was sure that this little guy would purposefully take me to Timbuktu, because, well that’s what they generally do. Only I was to be surprised. I got sold when I took my first trip to Soweto (by myself) and I was in Soweto in 35 minutes. I did have to wait for my friend to pick me up though, and that’s because she is worse than me when it comes to street names.

My favourite feature is the traffic. About two weeks ago I needed to be a conference venue by 8 am on a Friday. I live in Northcliff, the venue in question was Birchwood in Boksburg. Crazy and awesome thing about Jozi is well the traffic.

Awesome if you like me and don’t mind seating on the road and look at weird strangers. While it is crazy because, I should hope your boss would not let the ‘Jozi traffic boss’ excuse fly for more than twice a week. My trip to Birchwood at that time (of the morning) would’ve taken anything from an hour to three hours depending.

I left home at 6:55 and was the first of my colleagues (who had the 8am call) to be at Ekurhuleni by 7:40. When I saw the route I was to take was different from the one my advisory team gave me I was worried, because it seem Daniel was leaving up to my non-existing expectations: Timbuktu. Only to discover that though generally that route was longer, it had less traffic. Essentially shorter, for I didn’t stop anywhere, but to obey laws of the road.

Chances are for the longest time I will not be able to afford this little guy, and with me discovering every day news things about him, R7000 is really not that bad. My three friends and I will be driving to the Eastern Cape on the 16th guess who tagging along.


Thanks Fraser.


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