valentine’s day… lief blou bulle

I have always been that person who, when I show support to any team I associate myself with, I try to do it in what I call the ‘correct way’. As mentioned sometime before; I do raise a brow or so when I see someone at the stands in an ‘incorrect’ clothing.

What this means is; over the years – apart from a couple (or more) of Bafana Bafana, Proteas, Boks, etc jerseys I own – I have bought (at least) one Warriors Cricket top; my affiliation with Kaizer Chiefs means I’ve been seen in black and gold colours. I watched Liverpool’s not so pleasant meeting at Old Trafford, with Manchester United this past weekend in my Red’s top. Vodacom’s change of colours in 2011 meant I became the owner of yet another Blue Bulls strip.

During my University years, each Month I saw different looks from my friends who had the money and time to change their hair styles. While Adidas, Nike, Puma, Totalsport and (or) sportsman’s warehouse saw my hard-earned Rands. Of course they would dub me ‘silly’ ‘money waster’, and I’d just point to their heads. Its is an ‘argument’ of different strokes I happily won… many times.

2012 Super Rugby tournament kicks-off in just under two weeks. To say I’m excited and could run naked during a storm would be an understatement. (Thank goodness there’s Varsity Cup in the meantime – new orange shirt). New season. New jersey. While I’m going over my budget, trying to decide what I’ll have to go without next Month, so I can get the new Bulls jersey; this makes its way onto my communication channels.

happy valentine’s day

Accompanied by this press release:

Puma show love for the Vodacom Bulls by launching new away shirt on Valentines day
14 February 2012

PUMA® has unveiled a dramatic new Away kit that the Vodacom Bulls rugby team will sport in the Vodacom Super Rugby 2012 competition. The striking colour marks a significant image shift for the Vodacom Bulls and is inspired by the purple Jacaranda trees that characterise their hometown Pretoria.

Vodacom Bulls captain Pierre Spies says: “PUMA have certainly changed the pace since their arrival at the Bulls and the team feels that our Away jersey, a complete contrast from our traditional kit, is a great way to celebrate a new partnership.”

The Away shirt, as with the home shirt launched in December 2011, has a dramatic “smash” design inspired by the phrase “bull in a china shop” and expresses the Vodacom Bulls’ powerful playing style. The complexity of the design, which combines a chevron-like effect, is designed to distract opposition players.

PUMA South Africa’s Marketing Director Brett Bellinger says: “In designing the new Away shirt PUMA wanted to create a statement on the field, so we have opted for a striking colourway inspired by the purple Jacaranda trees that are synonymous with Pretoria.”

PUMA has a long-term deal to supply full technical kit to both the Vodacom Blue Bulls and Vodacom Bulls rugby teams, and is the official distributor of the teams’ match replica gear.

The Vodacom Super Rugby replica away shirt will be available from 24 February 2012 and will retail for R599

In all honesty, I don’t know how any self-appreciating fan is supposed to feel about this. At least I don’t.


2 thoughts on “valentine’s day… lief blou bulle

  1. i don’t see any of the “manne” taking very kindly to this new away strip. true, it’s only for away games where there’s a colour clash, but i’m sure there is no small amount of outrage in the north of gauteng over this.

    i’m sure a lot of girls will love it, and perhaps some guys will fork out R599 for this as a gift for their girlfriends to wear at games or at home, but…wow. just wow.

    • Twitter has been going mad all day over this. Its dire!

      And a good thing I don’t have to worry about anybody buying this for me. I know I wouldn’t fork out a R600 for this. ‘Money waster’ or otherwise

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