grace takes the stand

When the unfathomable grips the world; when your gym workout turns into a silent prayer session for a family you’ve never met, following the loss of their little girl – and the man who took that life. That is the time to cut your ‘sabbatical blogging leave’ short.

When ‘premeditated’ is a word that will decide who will be serving a global icon’s dinner in near future, you sit right up!
And when the court of opinions arrests, trials and convicts someone’s son; another word screams and begs for attention.


Bono GraceGrace proclaims “I am not blind or oblivious to what you have done, I just choose not to hold it against you”

From day one I refused to take a stand on the Oscar Pistorius case. Because when the media frenzy dies and we’ve moved on, Reeva Steenekamp would still be gone and Pistorius’ life would be changed, forever. How do you take a stand?

At a time when there are so many unanswered questions, as we as a national and even global community try to understand an unfathomable tragedy,

It is a great comfort to know people who just makes sense. For me that person is Mark Odendaal.

Due to his strong character, Mark has been one of my favourite people and mentors since my teens. When a ‘God’ issue comes into light he is the person I turn to.

In this tragedy, I ask: How do you take a stand. The answer is surprising simple: You don’t; Grace does.

Mark explains:

I don’t know if Jacob Zuma raped that woman. I don’t know if Jub Jub was really drag racing before his car accident. I don’t know if Julius Malema is guilty of steal tax payers money. And I don’t know if the events that lead to Reeva Steenkamps death on Thursday 14th of Feb were pre-meditated or not.

What I know, is that it’s actually not for me to make a call on any of the above cases, or any other account of sin that we may or may not hear about – Oscar Pistorius’ case included.

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