saved by public pool.. day 2 in borneo

I’ve always known that growing up around public pools would serve me well one day. Actually, it has come to my aid a number of times. And whenever the ‘can this black person swim’ stare comes my way, I look up and send a little thank-you prayer that swimming is a ‘can-do’ on my list.

Look, I will not be winning any medals of any kind, ever. Put me in deep oceans and I’ll probably be saying a different prayer. But on any given day, I’ll survive water activities without any glitches.

A good thing too, as day two of the SA Swimsuit shoot on the Borneo island of Gaya demands my public-pool education.

today's office

today’s office

‘Kate, you are going snorkeling,’ announces Greg, the Netsport director. ‘You are going to have so much fun’. Then something must have squeezed his brain, because he asks, “You have been snorkeling, before, haven’t you?” I nod, while simultaneously whispering my silent ‘thank you’.

Only twice before have I seen the beauty that is under the sea. It captured my heart like no other experience; and today is no different. It is difficult at first but the deeper we go, the easier and more captivating it becomes… until my foot touches a sea urchin. I bite my lip to try to counter the sharp, stabbing sensation which is like nothing else I’ve encountered; an agony that is only exacerbated by the concerned faces of my hosts. But I managed to walk it off, and I am now about to sleep off the remaining pain.

It would take much more than poisonous black dots under my foot to keep me away from the wonders of this Borneo island. It is that breathtaking and the models on duty today echo this sentiment.
Of course, when one’s office for the day is a yacht on a perfect aquamarine ocean, straight out of the Into the Blue movie, one really doesn’t need too much convincing to get quickly back on track.

Great view

Great view

This involves again being invited into the world of continue reading


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