breaking up with borneo

The minute the Mainstay team and I arrived on Gaya Island, off the mainland of Borneo, we knew that tearing ourselves away from this special place would be one of the hardest things to do.

Steeped in a splendour which combines the beauty of lush forests, scenic trails, intricate cave systems and meandering rivers with clear, enticing waters, this island is a utopia of tranquillity.



Words could never do justice to its majestic beauty; no amount of film could ever capture this tropical paradise, where the visitor cannot help but succumb to the grandeur of a place in which nature reigns supreme.
Granted, this was my first trip overseas (go big or go home, they say) but Borneo and the Island Resort certainly fulfilled its promise as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

One of the main questions that I’ve asked the models on this trip is, ‘What tops this experience?’ No one has been able to think of another place. This is my frame of mind as I start off my last day on the island, day four of the SA Swimsuit Borneo photo shoot.

As Candice, Rosette, and Careen bid us farewell, it dawned upon my travel companions that this infatuation with this island would soon be entertained only as a memory.

Only an activity that would out-do the other days here would be a fitting end to this experience. The solution, it turned out, was fairly simple: a two-hour spa treatment.

While the photographers and models battled it out in the hot jungle, my masseuse was performing magic, relaxing my nerve ends, confronting my sleep-depriving demon, insomnia.

The lady with bewitching hands let the effect of sleep-deficiency run its course on the massage table and I finally managed to get some real rest, which energised me for the day.

Kate Nicole

By lunch-time I was doing hand-stands on the beach, not to mention an impromptu ‘how to work your abs’ session with a true beauty, Nicole Meyer.

I invited Nicole to a continue reading


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