i moved jozi

Since its inception in March 2012, the We Run Jozi race has become an integral part of Johannesburg social calendar and the 2013 race definitely did not  disappoint; it was just as spectacular.

3 out of

3 out of 3

In fact, Nike has positioned themselves as a leader in creating a global community of runners. Whether beginner or have been ‘taking back’ your street for years, this brand has found a way to ensure you take your run to a whole new level. The inaugural race was my first ever 10kms, therefore it will always be special. I clocked a personal best which I have since been struggling to emulate. But more than that, there were a lot if things ‘right’ about that race.

Most runners hated last year’s Alex-Sandton race. And I’m no exception. Due to the heat and the fact that it was very hilly and the shirt was a cheap material which I’m still struggling to wash, even by hand. NikeMoveJozi2013_00116

12 October, 10 000 runners gathered at heart of  Johannesburg’s central business district,  for the challenging course, of which a section on route splits, with half of the field running ‘Move Uptown’ (in red shirts) and the other half ‘Move Downtown’ (the grey lot), for the same distance. Merging halfway into the race, the runners united at the race village just after the finish line at Mary Fitzgerald Square. And you can hardly fault Nike SA for this one. It’s evident they listened to our feedback.

Firstly the race was at night. Jozi has proved it comes alive at night.  Our race packs were in a little bag recycled from last years’ gazebos I found a very nice touch.  They gave us a better shirt: # winning.  Splitting the routes in two gave participants a less crowded space and different experience. Thoroughly well done Nike SA.

I’ve heard nothing but good reviews. Personally being part of 10 000 community of people from all walks of life singing the national anthem is always something special. Being cheered by families in Hillbrow, while battling my own demons pulled at my heart strings.

However, this was the worst race, ever… for me. Beginning of the race, a number of mates in the media box kept asking what I’d be pushing for. When I said “if I finish within two hours, we shall all go down on our knees and thank the Lord”, they thought I was just trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

Sadly with a 01:12:50 finish, I was anything but.

The Hills = I have zeros mental strength, something my Crossfit coach is discovering.

Downhill = I take longer strides that an average person of my height; therefore downhill I need more control.

Flats = bad breathing techniques tends to hurt my back.

Move Jozi Uptown = I spent 7kms running sideways as the route was neither hill nor downtown.

Which really translate to “I hate running”.

Nevertheless, I still moved Jozi

NikeMoveJozi2013_00296 pic with Thato


Nike Run Medal 026

first over the line

first over the line

for the ladies

for the ladies



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