win with fit sports lab

There’s this annoying wave that has hit the world extremely hard. You see its impact at every corner. It awakens all kinds of emotions, and more often than not, they hit you all at once.

They are frustration, annoyance, jealousy, joy, approval, puzzlement, but more importantly – pride.

It’s the fitness wave. Yup, in my world, (mainly) confined to the spaces of over-populated Johannesburg, fit is indeed the new black.

More and more people are realizing the importance of taking care of their most powerful asset – the body.

Our running clubs are increasing each week (epic). And you can never find that size 9 dumbbell because a newbie is hogging it (fail).

Yet, this is by far more commendable than any trend we’ve seen in our lifetime. With this increase in activity, there comes the need for assistance in avoiding burn out.

up for grabs

up for grabs

This month I got introduced to Fit Sports Laboratories.They manufacture high quality nutritional supplements in South Africa. The FiT range of supplements can be utilized to improve everyday nutrition or can be added to a sports nutrition programme to enhance performance.

You’d swear they’ve been monitoring my activities, (Cross Fit four times a week, Action Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Action Netball, Run Club and gym), because they sent me exactly what could be of use to me; I got my hands on the CarboTrain range

An efficient, pleasant tasting, easily assimilated, high value powder drink developed especially to prevent cumulative glycogen depletion while simultaneously supporting the immune system by including a full complement of electrolytes, vitamins, MSM, L-Glutamine & L-Taurine. Immune system support is an especially important feature for any athlete.

Although Fit Sports Labs (predominately) caters for cyclists, what I love the most about this product is that it ‘understands’ endurance. And the flexibility that comes with its use. You can use this as a pre work-out, a carbo-loading, it’s great for during a work-out or my personal favourite – post work-out or recovery.

I’m not a fan of energy drinks; I cannot handle the colourants and preservatives. And this has none of that, which is evident in the excellent taste. My forest berry flavour has zero after taste, and that is what you want from your ‘energy drink’.

Purchasing any form of supplements can be tricky and intimidating, therefore; you’ll appreciate Fit Sports Labs easy guide on their website, each page and product has a “WE’LL GUIDE YOU IN GETTING STARTED!” boldly stated.

Anyway; If the wave that has Jozi on its knees has affected you, or if like me you’ve been a fitness fanatic for longer than most, and need something to enhance your work-out regime, I have good news.

I am giving away a Fit Sports Labs hamper valued at R300. It includes CarboTrain tub, Fit Sports Lab bars (I got hooked on this at one bite. They are perfect for snack time), supagoos and cute white socks.

Their products are available country wide and to win one of these, Tweet me – @This_Kate and @FitSportsLab using the hashtag #WinWithFitSportsLab with at least one store name.

So your Tweet will look something like this #WinWithFitSportsLab @This_Kate @FitSportsLab Bike Center, Kynsna.

Or LIKE Fit Sports Lab facebook page, and write your answer. E.g Bike Center, Kynsna #WinWithFitSportsLab

Clue HERE under the ‘About Us’ tab

Competition is now closed. Fit Sports Lab will courier the prize to the winner.


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