what’s your one small victory?

changing diabetes

It is estimated that over one million people in South Africa have undiagnosed diabetes. That means 1 in 50 people are living with diabetes and they don’t even know it.

So the good people at Novo Nordisk have launched a campaign that aims at curbing this statistic. They are calling it One Small Victory. Thepurpose is to create awareness around diabetes and good health management.

You see it; small acts and ordinary choices generally tend to have extra-ordinarily returns. I work in an office that every other day we are called to the boardroom to share cupcakes.

Birthdays, resignations, promotions, etc, there’s a cupcake. Choosing to turn these down (sometimes) has been my #OneSmallVictory.

I have the sweetest tooth, so yes, a victory, small as it may be, it is mine. And that is what #OneSmallVictory is all about. Making small decision that will benefit your health in the long run.

what's your one small victory?

what’s your one small victory?

So if you ran an extra kilometre, walked instead of taking your car to shops, turned down a cupcake, chose an apple when all you really wanted was chocolate, I want to hear about it.

What’s in it for you, you may ask? Well there’s a R1 000 Nike Voucher for your troubles.

So head to One Small Victory and share your daily win, then tweet me using #OneSmallVictory, telling me the daily win you shared on the site.

So your Tweet will look something like this;
“#OneSmallVictory @This_Kate I walked to the store instead of taking my car” or something.

You have until 4pm today.
Competition is now closed. Congratulations Pieter-Steyn de Wet.


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