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I often joke that my mother put me on a track field while in nappies. That’s because that’s how long I feel I’ve been active.

I come from a long line of active brats, there’s very few sports we’ve never tried (no Golf is not a sport) and although most of us never gone further than provincial colours, it’s something that instilled a love for fitness to this day.

Taking that into consideration, I have always been irritated by what I called “lack of shape” on my arms and stomach. Don’t get me wrong, good genes and a little crazy competitiveness have always ensured I have never been fat, but I have always wanted visible biceps and abs.

My legs are easy, one good week at gym and I’ve got quads to tell your friends about (okay, not really), however not anything to boast about when it comes to my arms or abs.

Inspired by my friend Stacey Holland who had just made top 6 USN Face of Fitness, I knew that she knew something I didn’t. And I wanted to know that that something was. So we had a long conversation that put me through a couple of brands to try out.

I posed questions to a number of South Africa’s leading fitness brands. Enter Brandon Fairweather and Paul McHarg, brand manager for the Biogen range of sports supplements and vitamins.

I was convinced I’d tire them, conversely they seemed to relish on an opportunity to teach me something new.

And a long class it was, purely focused on nutrition, one to my surprise I’d been failing miserably. You see for the past 7 years I’ve been that person who’d do a gym session to rival all sessions and head straight to McDonalds in my running tights.

Years of sport tours, you pick up things. I had McDonalds at least three times a week for nearly a decade. It was time for a change. I’ve heard the ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ concept, but had no clue what it really meant.

Before I could take Biogen on their offer of trying out their stuff, I needed to consult the one person I trusted most in this regard; Stacey was sold, and so my Biogen journey began.

Looking at the eating plan, I couldn’t believe people actually gave up alcohol, as so much food and so often, but I’d promised to give it a shot, so here I was.

My first supplement intake would include; Whey Protein and Slim Sticks. I took that for a month and Stacey suggested I add CLA. Within three weeks (if not less) I had lost 4kgs and at least 3% body fat. By January (Third Month) I was in the best shape I’d ever been. My abs were finally showing and my arms had definition.

after two months

after two months

It’s been nearly a year, and I have wandered off Biogen to try other brands. While SA is very competitive when it comes to supplements, I have realized choosing what works for you and your body will often give you the results.

Get the education necessary before choosing supplements, and most important get the ‘dieting’ concept out of your vocabulary. I have had McDonalds twice in the last 11 Months (trust me this was no walk in the park). I have the sweetest tooth, having dessert in moderation is worse than pulling a tooth. And to McHarg’s horror I have not completely given up alcohol, but I have gone to an open bar party without having any liquor other than the welcome drink. Progress.

As per Stacey’s suggestion I eat nutritious food every two hours that is not a diet. That is a lifestyle change. Fact is your body needs protein; supplements should be used as exactly that – to supplement your eating habit. The most important thing is to know what you want to do with your body and go with that.

I have always had ‘gym discipline’, but as I have witnessed the discipline was not in the kitchen. It took Biogen for me to embrace that.

The Biogen brand was born in 2004. Having started with a limited range of products the brand has expanded to three premium product categories, namely – Pro Series, Platinum Series and Endurance Series. Available at exclusively to Dischem stores, at a price that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.

If you’d like more info on the brand head over to their easy to navigate website HERE or email Brandon at Brandon@biogen.co.za. Tell him I sent you 😀

My favourite products are from the Pro Series range.

Premium Whey; I usually have this with my breakfast (oats or muesli), as a snack and or after a late evening game when I won’t make supper. CLA (perfect for toning so after breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Slim Sticks (pre-work out).

If you’d like to take your training to a next level and give your body a lift I’ve got a starter pack hamper to giveaway.

get you started

90 x 3

90 x 3

Up for grabs is 1kg tub of Biogen Diet Protein, CLA triple pack (yes that’s 270 capsule) and a Biogen water bottle.

All you have to do is follow @BiogenSA, then Tweet me using the #WinWithBiogen with a name of at least one Biogen Ambassador. Clue here: Biogen.

So your Tweet will look something like this “#WinWithBiogen @This_Kate Lisa Raleigh cc @BiogenSA

Competition now closed. Congratulations Nonku Ngcobo.


4 thoughts on “abs by biogen

  1. This is probably old but I love the article as it is inspiring especially when you just tried a new brand and of course tried any dieting tricks and capsules. I started Biogen this week (CLA and Whey Protein Shake) and following the Biogen meal plan – I had the Thermo Cut too but it made me slightly neaseas (not sure if this is what caused the neasea) but yesterday was my worst day so I am still on the CLA 3000 and protein. I am post op recovering from an operation on my cervix so gyming has not been good. I am starting slowly but with the intake of these capsules and shakes I wish for a more vigorous routine – however, good things come to those who wait so I suppose patience is what will create the perfect body! Thanks for sharing and please share if I am on the right track – I weight 66.5 and heigh 1,64 so according to BMI not overweight but again stomach area is the worst. Wish me luck and thanks for inspiring

    • Hey hun,

      Well done and thank you for that. Yes the first week of taking such stuff is always difficult. I struggled and I’m not a fan of capsules.

      The thermo cuts I substitute them for slim sticks, same concept but better for me because I struggle to swallow pills

      But CLA and whey is good enough.

      All the best, keep me posted 🙂

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