dear sugar, it’s definitely you


I saw an advert on Twitter through new kids on SA Supplement market – GNC ‘s account. They teamed up with Cosmopolitan Magazine to basically give one lucky sod a personal trainer for a year.

After seeing ‘win a personal trainer for a year’ I didn’t care much for any other details I signed up. I was on some ‘I’ll sort out the logistics.. later”. What do you know, I’m a finalist.

There’s 18 of us taking on the challenge. Each week we have to produce an online journal, detailing our plans for the week. Including an eating and training plan. It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna hurt. But I’m stoked.

This is week two and week one journal went live this week.

This is my first post;

Titled – ‘dear sugar, it’s definitely you’……….

“I work long hours, so I don’t have the time”; “I can’t afford gym”; “It gets dark too quickly”; “I don’t have gym clothes”, and, and and… and

I’m sure this is not the first time you’re seeing those phrases. I’m sure you’ve heard them, know someone who has and or even been the one delivering such utterance.

I’d lie and say I can relate. That the snooze button is my best friends, but it’d be just that – a lie.

When it comes to exercise I don’t need much motivation. Actually I don’t need any. My real challenge is my sweet tooth. Wars could be ended if I just said no to a slice of bakery. I definitely need new friends, ditch the ones who always have sweets at their houses, in their cars and bags. I mean at least ones less generous. Don’t even get me started on ice-cream. As long as it has sugar, I’ll happily enjoy it.

I may have great genes, but my jeans have been screaming this past year. And so I’ve decided it’s time to challenge my sweet tooth.

So for six weeks I’m vowing to say no to sugar. So sugar my dear, despite the fact that I’ve been your mistress for…. well too many years to count, I need a break. I think we should see other people. And for what it’s worth, it’s not me it’s you.

Rest assured this won’t be easy. I will think of you daily, I will want to come back. I will see you everywhere. Every thing will remind me of you. Every bite will be tasteless because it doesn’t have you. So yes lover, I don’t think I want to live without you. In fact I doubt I will survive. But I have to try because frankly I dislike your effects. You’re great, but…..

Firstly I need to go grocery shopping

Week One:

Eating Plan:

Breakfast 08:00 – Oats and Whey protein / 2 boiled eggs

Snack 11:00 – Slices of Tomatoes, Cucumbers Nuts and handful of nuts

Lunch 13:00 – Chicken Breast, Vegetables (maybe a starch)

Find the rest on my Cosmo #ChasingSummer Profile HERE

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