well i am 5 – 100 days to new you


A while back I wrote about how a “fitness wave” hit Johannesburg and the other big cities.  However, 2015 I saw how this was not just limited to the said big cities, with more and more South Africans taking greater strides and invested in their health, holistically. 

The evidence lies in the number of Instagram posts showing that “hard work”. Unfortunately this can be somewhat demotivating for someone who wants to adopt this lifestyle, but feels everyone is far ahead. I imagine it being how I’d feel if I walked into a golf shop.
But don’t let that stop you, in fact I can help.

Not only have I got inside info on how you can you get yourself on track in the wellness arena, from exercise to eating properly but you also get support and motivation from a community forum and experts in areas of nutrition and exercise.

I’ve teamed with the guys from  well i am.  Headed by leader in fitness and nutritional lifestyle expert Lisa Raleigh, who together with a team of top wellness experts have been running the well i am fitness challenge for five seasons, where regular South Africans join a community of like minded people to focus on their overall health.  

This challenge is about promoting lifelong change. Here’s the long and short of it.

#wiam5 gets underway from 9th March until 16th June 2016.  For 100 days you’ll be ‘coached’ in how to adopt a healthy lifestyle that won’t focus on just diets and exercise.

Upon signing up you receive a basic wellness kit valued at over R900 from headlines sponsors (including Biogen, whose products I use), formal health screenings, training programmes, online content to help in this journey.

There’s also the option of adding an online coach, plus – and this may be my favourite offer – exclusive discount offers from Philips appliances.



In order to sweeten the pot, everyone signing up for the 100 days automatically gets entered into the well i am fitness challenge where you can win R40 000 in prize money plus other weekly incentives throughout the 100 healthy days.

And for those of you who want to take it a little easier, #wiam5 comes with a category exclusively for the over 45s who get to now compete for R10 000 (as well as a share of prizes) against a narrower margin of contestants!

Trainers and coaches can get in on the action as well – we’ll award R10 000 in courses from HFPA for your support.

Here’s a recap:

For a fee of R549, challengers also have the opportunity to add special discounted items to the basic well i am package or just enjoy it as it is.

As an entrant, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • a wellness kit packed with healthy extras delivered to your door
  • formal before & after health screenings at Dis-Chem
  • a directory of certified training programmes and eating plans from the experts
  • entry into the Members Locker – an exclusive online community of fellow challengers, all sharing their well i am journey
  • access to industry experts offering online forums throughout the challenge
  • additional incentivised ‘mini-challenges’, like the brand new Sugar-Free Detox
  • an ongoing supply of educational, inspirational health content, helping to cement healthy habits long-term


Of course there’s something in for YOU! I am giving away one #wiam5 entry.  

Why not join me as I take my first well i am challenge?  All you have to do is tell me on Twitter, or Facebook what your goal is.

On Twitter tag me  @This_Kate  and @welliamCHLG  with a tweet that goes something like; 

“Hey @This_Kate, hook me up with @welliamCHLG entry I want to fit into my size 10 jeans #wiam5”

Or “Ola @This_Kate hook me up with @welliamCHLG entry, I want to train for my first marathon #wiam5”

If you choose to enter via Facebook, like the well i am  page and post on the wall something like

“Hey Kate Nokwe , please hook me up with an entry I want to get ready for my first marathon” #wiam5

Or something to that effect, if you know what I mean 😉

Whatever your motivation is get in! And then let me know where your entry is by commenting on this post,  you have till Wednesday, 24 February 2016. 

Here’s to a fitter, healthier YOU!





8 thoughts on “well i am 5 – 100 days to new you

  1. Entry Via Twitter By @KekanaPenny : Hey @This_Kate hook me up with @welliamCHLG entry, so I can fit in my old Sexy jeans, I refuse to buy a bigger size #wiam5

  2. I am ready to get my life. Hook me up and I will make this commitment last longer than my previous relationship. My ex was a personal trainer and after breaking up with him I feel like the best revenge is to work on this body. How is that for motivation!

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