oh boy. another one

So, with the information age and its endless possibilities comes the ‘So can I’ era.

Whats with the ‘creative’ ways we update our Facebook statuses, the casual attitude we adopt while committing thievery of other ‘creative’ minds tweets, so why not the ‘well everyone is blogging, so why not me?’ attitude?

I am on Twitter constantly – for work and not – and I come across a number of blogs. Some give me the ‘What did I do before you’ moments, the ‘Man if I could write like that…’ and then more often than not, I would find these interesting pages that always leave me with one question in mind – Did these people wake up one day and just thought they’ll start a blog page and hope they will be suckers like me who would, after hours of being cooped up on a desk, neglect the sun, and just grace their opinion heads?

And so, if you wondering, did I wake up one day and say ‘So can I’? Well actually – YES I did. I woke up from a long nightmare of reading other people’s (sometimes) pot heads and thought it was high time I gave this a shot.

After a long debate with myself, of the countless things I could do in my lunch hour (like taking a walk and drool over that very special…car) the left side of my brain won the argument and this page was born.

So here I am, joining this era of pot heads who know zero about writing, but think their opinions are worth someone’s two minutes of their ‘neglecting the sun moment’.

So, go ahead – I can take it.