I’ve learned everything I know about, well, … anything from Timon and Pumbaa. This creeps into the ways I express an opinion – right out there, sometimes going where angels fear to tread.

I’m a media student and (media) employee, a field that requires more than its fair share of thinking and expression. You could say I’m prone to share. I often get it wrong, but sometimes, just sometimes (I get it) right. Alles, like the gang from the Lion King, every day is ‘Hakuna Matata.’

I failed as an athlete, but decided I’d pursue sport any way possible. Today my love for the game keeps me from homelessness; ensures I have people who are constantly asking me for tickets to games or if I can share a soccer player’s number…and even if Bakkies Botha is really the softy he pretends not to be.

Nothing unites, yet simultaneously divides South Africans quite like sport, unless it’s politics. But apart from a suspicion that I think my mom had a thing for Bantu Holomisa, you really don’t need political commentary from me. I will instead choose to take a stand on sport related issues.

Sometimes I’ll also remind you, “Honey you really shouldn’t eat that”. In turn, I hope you’ll teach me how to (properly) apply lipstick and dance in my heels to a tune other than ‘Hakuna Matata’. I could probably ‘out quote’ you, but because I want to keep you I’ll play none the wiser… Okay I lie, I wont.

So why not drop me a mail on katenokwe@gmail.com for anything you might want to add or ask. Or If you have a product you want given away or are keen for me to review, that’s cool too.

I’m also on the ‘Twitters’, @This_Kate

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