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Two months ago I let you in on what I’ve been up to, and assured you that I’ll be back to the usual blogging as soon as I can. After a week of technical difficulties, you’ll be happy to know this my last update before all that is ‘in(TRACK)suits’ resumes.

As you might remember I have been busy with Varsity Cup. A project that introduced me to a number of exciting people. Talented individuals whose careers I’ve followed from TV, Radio and now via Social Media. (I’ve explained what this -project – entails here)

Therefore if you’re keen to read those articles here they are:

Liezel van der Westhuizen

John Dobson

Ashwell Prince

Juan Smith

Kyle Brown

Brenden Nel

Sias du Plessis

Breyton Paulse

My work for Varsity Cup opened another door in the form of I have been writing Super Rugby Previews for this growing website. A challenging task I tell you. To have to take an in-depth look at a team’s ever changing structure, scrutinize their past performances in order to have a ‘worth-the-read’ preview is one of the few things I’ve never envisioned. Nevertheless, I was only too happy to accept. Once a week “Kate Nokwe reports” appears on the page, I must admit, I get excited each time I see that. Do check them out here, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

In the case you have not been following me on Twitter and we are not friends on Facebook, SuperSport is looking for a female Rugby presenter dubbed ‘Lady Rugga’. SS embarked on a nation-wide journey in search of this vibrate, camera-friendly (and tons of other adjectives) young lady who knows the difference between a ‘tight-head and a maul’. Seeing I grew up in a city that appreciates Rugby, arguable more than it does Football I reckoned I’d give this a try, besides Sports Broadcast is the ultimate dream.

After a nerve-wrecking audition in front of one Derek Alberts, Crystal Arnold and Leigh-Ann Paulick I made the cut and would later be in the 157 ladies who made round one. Saturday 14th came the TOP 50 announcement. A whole day in spasms with nerves I made the cut yet again and will now spend the rest of this week biting the remainder of my nails in hope of a spot in the TOP 12.

For the latest Press Release from SuperSport regarding the competition click on the link and go ‘Lady Rugga’…. Unfortunately the direct link wouldn’t upload.

A great thank you for all the messages of support. I’ll keep you updated on the competition and anything else that might just be in store for this Kat.

Till then…


just a second

It has been two post too long since I’ve drafted a few words down on this page. I’ve received emails, Tweets and Facebook messages (thank you) all asking if ‘in(TRACK)suit’ is no more. No, Sam’s post was not my good-bye I am still very much here.

If you remember this post I mentioned a change of fields; of chasing a dream; looking for a door. Any door. Well a door in the form of Varsity Cup opened and I gladly walked in.

If you don’t know (which rock have you been living under?), Varsity Cup is only thee biggest University Rugby tournament of our times and I joined its media team on free-lance basis. For the duration of this year’s tournament yours truly will be producing at least one article a week focusing on past students who went to the universities featured in Varsity Cup. What this means is I will be interviewing some of the great people we know through sport, business and or media and my chats will be available online.

My very first article was published last week. Ladies and gentlemen I got the honour of interviewing one of SA’s rugby icons. The very first rugby player I ever liked, liked enough to actually pay attention to his sport of choice, he is the reason I almost supported The Stormers (PHEW what a blunder that would’ve been!) Yes boys and girls; this small town girl got to chat to the legend that is Breyton Paulse, and this week my one-on-one with SuperSport and 5FM’s very own Sias du Plessis goes online.

So this page is not going under, however, is just not the main focus right now. I will blog when I can, and in the meantime please do support me by reading my articles on

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